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Thank you for your interest in supporting Centre County Library. Your support is integral to the vitality of our public library, and whether you help with volunteering, donating books, donating funds or by advocating for the library to local elected officials– it’s all important! 


Donating Money to the Library

Monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated.  The following are ways in which you can make a significant difference to Centre County Library through a tax-deductible, charitable gift of any amount. We've provided the information needed to make this process as convenient as possible.

Monetary Donations

All monetary donationsshould be directed to the Centre County Library & Historical Museum’s business office.  There are donation boxes at the check-out desks in all the libraries for cash donations.  Checks should be made payable to Centre County Library & Historical Museum.  

If you would like to make a credit card donation or speak to someone in person, contact the administration office at 814-355-1516 x216 or download the donation form from the link below to make a tax deductible gift to your local library branch.

Online Donations

It's also easy to donate online using our PayPal donation link. Simply click on the yellow “Donate” button on the sidebar, and fill out the brief online form. Donations online come directly to Library Administration and are used for purchasing library materials and funding library programs.   

Memorial Gifts

A thoughtful and lasting way to celebrate a special person's life is through a memorial gift to Centre County Library.  Personalized bookplates will memorialize your gift, and you may choose the subject of the books you memorialize.

If you would like to take advantage of this program, simply click here to retrieve a Memorial form, print and complete the form and return it along with your memorial donation to the library.

Wills & Bequests

Including the Library in your will allows you to carry your commitment to the Library beyond your lifetime. Your attorney, accountant or trust officer will work with you to design a bequest that fits your situation and meets your goals. A professional will also make sure you receive the tax benefits allowed for your gift. If you already have a will, it may be amended by a codicil to include the Library.

The following is sample bequest phrasing:

“I give out bequeath (Dollar Amount, Property to be Given, Percentage or Remainder) to Centre County Library & Historical Museum, an organization registered with the IRS under IRS code 501(c)3.”


Friends of the Library

Friends groups are wonderful volunteers who support their local library branches. Membership is open to all, and the mission of Friends groups is to promote interest in, use of, and public support for libraries. Friends volunteer their time and resources to provide various high quality services, books, and materials to the library, depending upon the needs of their individual communities.

Currently, Philipsburg’s Holt Memorial Library and the Centre Hall Library have friends groups that support their branches with fundraisers, book sales, advocacy, volunteerism and financial support. Please contact the Friends to find out more:

Centre hall Library Association (contact info forthcoming)

Holt Friends of the Library (contact info forthcoming)


Book Donations

The Centre County Library System gladly accepts, and is grateful for, unconditional gifts of books and audio or visual materials. Books that are not added to the library’s collection are often sold in our used book sale fundraisers. The proceeds from these sales are used to purchase new books for our collections and library programming.  In accepting gifts, the following stipulations apply:

  • The library reserves the right to decide if a gift will be added to its collection, sold, donated to another library, or otherwise disposed of.
  • When materials are added to the collection, no restrictions on the library's use of the gift materials may be made by the donor.
  • Gifted materials become the sole property of the library.  They may not be reclaimed.
  • Receipts for materials donated to the library will be provided upon request, but placing a value on the materials is the responsibility of the donor.
  • We are unable to accept magazines, encyclopedias or condensed books of any kind.
  • We are no longer accepting book donations published prior to 2000.
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